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Guided walks

Sentiers piétons

Why not come on a guided walk?

As a family, a guided walk could be an ideal part of your short break and gives you the chance to discover the heritage of our city, its wealth of history and variety of landscapes.

Between the land and the sea, at the very end of the Cotentin Peninsula, Cherbourg and the surrounding area is a protected destination, set against the winds and the tides.  

The bay of Cherbourg is surrounded by cliffs and green valleys, a rich natural landscape with protected wildlife.   


FIVE guided works to choose from :

The GR 223 lcoastal walk from Tourlaville to Querqueville

This 14.5km walk along the coast is called the Tour of the Cotentin. You take the road from the famous GR 223, an European walkway, which goes from the Baltic to the Mediterranean Coast. Departure point is the Port of the Becquet – beach of Collignon - Port of the Flamands - Atlantic Hotel - Transatlantic harbor station - swing bridge - the Trinity Church - Napoleon's statue – the Chantereyne Marina - the Emmanuel Liais Park and its natural history museum of archaeology and ethnography. The historic department of La Défense – L’Abbaye du Voeu - the old maritime René Lebas hospital - the arsenal and the naval base of Cherbourg - the harbour of Cherbourg-Octeville - the Bay of Querqueville - the Fort of Chavagnac and the Fort of Querqueville - the swamp of Querqueville


Alternative route GR 223 A, the Balconies of Cherbourg

A 31.4 km walk called the Balconies of Cherbourg which goes from Tourlaville to Querqueville along the coast in the South of Cherbourg.

Departure point at the beach of Querqueville - Saint Germain’s Chapel - the castle of Querqueville – the Manor of the Coquerie - Hainneville Haut - the church of Saint-Martin of Octeville - the wild valley - the valley of Quincampoix - the village of the Glass factory in the Glacerie and its museum - the valley of Trottebecq - the Castle of the Ravalet - the Becquet.


GR of  La Hague

Picked from the walks of La Hague, this walk goes from the centre of Cherbourg to La Hague. 3.4 km. The theatre – the cultural centre and Thomas Henry Museum – the  Arts Deco  Ratti building -  the Quai Alexandre III and its lighting effects by Yann Kersale – the public garden of Cherbourg at the foot of the Montagne du Roule with Jean-François Millet’s statue – the Montagne du Roule with its museum – Notre-Dame du Roule church – the Parc of la Fauconnière – the wild valley.


Round trip: eastern nature trail

From Tourlaville to La Glacerie, from the beach of Collignon to the Bois des Roches, a 19km walk on footpaths and roads to escape from the sounds of the city.
Beach of Collignon – Maison du Littoral et de l’Environnement – Port of  Becquet – hameau Burnel – Landes des Couplets – Lande St Gabriel – hameau St Jean – hameau Bruneval – museum of La Glacerie - hameau Truffert – Etang des Costils –  Trottebecq Valley – Ravalet castle – village of the Caplain.


Round trip: western nature trail

From Equeurdreville-Hainneville to Querqueville, from the dam of the Rouland to the Bonde Valley, a 14km walk on footpaths and roads in search of nature.
Greenway - Equeurdreville-Hainneville swimming pool – Bonde and Vaublat Valleys – Dam of the Roulland – swamp and bay of Querqueville.



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